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FabrySCENA vol. 7

FabrySCENA vol. 7 FabrySCENA presents concert with: 3moonboys – alternative rock band Paula and Karol – indi-folk band Wolfgang in a Truck – rock/punk rock band date: 05.06.2010 (Sunday) time: 08.00 p.m. place: FabrySTREFA: Piotrkowska 138/140, (former F. Ramisch Factory), Łódź, Poland ticket: 10 PLN

Phill Niblock and Marek Chołoniewski – photo and video essay

“Zakłady na Życie” (Plant Life)

Association Fabrykancka would like to recommend James Beckett artistic project. ‘Zakłady na Życie’ (‘Plant-Life’) is a performance and installation environment exploring Poland’s industrial past. In English, ‘Plant-Life’ is a play on words, as a plant can be as much a photosynthetic organism as a factory, power-station, or other large industrial complex. It is in thisRead the Rest…

Phill Niblock and Marek Chołoniewski.

FabrySTREFA in co-operation with Academy of Music in Łódź proudly presents outstanding artists: Phill Niblock and Marek Chołoniewski. Marek Chołoniewski (born 1953 in Krakow) writes instrumental and electroacoustic music for theater, film and radio, author of sond and video installations, audio-visual, outdoor and net  projects. A world renown lecturer, composer, sound artist and live artRead the Rest…

Łódź, Przewodnik Fu:turystyczny

“Each city promises something different. What does Lodz promise? What would be a dictionary definition of „Lodz”? It is a hard task to capture the spirit of the place or even the atmosphere of Lodz. Those who succeed in it are interacting with the public space artist and that is why you can see theirRead the Rest…