SZKIZ – european experience exchange program

SZKIZ is a European exchange project for musicians and artists working at the intersection of experimental electronic music, improvisation, acoustic instrumentation and visual art. The project is based on three fundamentals: the exchange of and cooperation between musicians and artists beyond national borders, the transfer of knowledge through the development of a common practice and the social discourse on music and visual art in Europe.


If you are interested to join us come to fabrySTREFA Piotrkowska 138/140 90-062 Lodz


Monday 26/9/11 @ fabrySTREFA

SZKIZ Meeting 18h
meet the SZKIZ, bring ideas, check out the program for the week
Jam Session 20h
music music music

Tuesday 27/9/11 @ fabrySTREFA
“do it” – 5 days video/foto project first meeting 13h
We set an improvised animation/foto studio in FabrySTREFA (
We invite you to join us in our video project. Take your cameras, computers, sketchbooks and everything that can be used in stop motion or video production.
For beginners it can be an introduction to animation techniques and software. For more experienced filmmakers a possibility to try out new ideas.
Our aims are to exchange ideas on field of video production and question the relations between videoclip and music.
Why can´t be the videoclip made before music?
You can also call us under the number: 0048 889367718

@ Owoce i Warzywa
SZKIZ Talks 15h-19h
” Sound art and event organisation ”
We exchange experiences and opinions on how cultural events are organised, structured, programed and kept alive and bring together different perspectives on working in the field of culture.

” Sound production and distribution – Creative Commons and authorship “
Very much connected to this issue is also the question of production and distribution in the field of sound and culture in general. We would like to adress the question of alternative distribution, creative commons, owner- and authorship, commercialisation and cultural economy.
Sound examples / DJ Line 19h-22h
Wednesday 28/9/11
Sonic Tour fabrySTREFA 12h-14h
Audio tour through the old fabric and the art space. Sounds will be used for the Ableton workshops in the afternoon and electronic jam session in the evening. Bring audio recorder!
ABLETON Workshops and Electronic Jam Session @ Owoce i Warzywa
Ableton I 15h-17h (beginners)
Ableton II 17h-19h
please bring your computer! with the program if possible. there´s a test-version downloadable at we will also bring the installation file with us – for all of you without internet.
Electronic Jam Session 19h-22h

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