United States of Europe

Do you feel European? Does Mr O’Keeffe in Ireland feel more or less European than Mrs Stylianou in Cyprus? And if so, why? What is the idea behind Europe and do Europeans feel included? Do Europeans trust their leaders? Maybe there are as many different answers on these questions as there are citizens in Europe.

The EU, European identity and diversity are today real debate subjects. And that is for a good reason. The identity is something that brings us together but also makes us unique and gives us individuality. In media there are a lot of discussions about the importance to create and define a European identity. Is this possible with all the differences we have, between European countries – and cultures. Will it be possible to go beyond this fact?

The United States of Europe project (USE) is a travelling exhibition about European identity and today’s Europe. The USE project consists of four dimensions:

1. Art works : Curators and artists have been invited to give their interpretations on European identity through photos, multimedia, video and other installations.
2. Sociological studies : A team of sociologists have interviewed 50 people from 10 different countries. The results are video recorded interviews. Do people living in Europe today feel European, and what does Europe mean for them ?
3. The interactive laboratory : a place within the exhibition where the artistic and sociological parts are combined. The laboratory is a hybrid environment where visitors to the exhibition can exchange and interact in real time.
4. Round table debates : several aspects will be debated, for example : “What does it mean to be European and how is contemporary art dealing or not with that question” and “Europe, European politicians and the people of Europe – about confidence and commitment today”.

Opening 14.11.2011, 6.00 p.m

Opening hours: mon-sat

12  – 6 p.m

FabrySTREFA and Off Piotrkowska – 138/140 Piotrkowska St., Manhattan Gallery – 15 Wigury St (entrance from Sienkiewicza St.) Zona – 3 Tymienieckiego St., The Municipal Art Gallery in Lodz (the venue for U.S.E is at 118 Piotrkowska St.) European Institute in Lodz – 262/264 Piotrkowska St.

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