We can talk – we want consultation

15 Lodz NGOs do not agree with the formula “online consultation ” as the method for consulting “urban bike project”. Participation is important! If we would like to measure the quality of activities related to the inclusion of residents in co-decision with the city a number of articles on last year’s civil budget – Lodz is a nationwide paricipation leader. However, if you look closely at the individual utterances or actions Lodz authorities , it may be that we have a lot to learn. Unfortunately, the action of the ZDIT (Roads and Transport Menaging Borad) shows that this particular unit does not fully understand … ZDiT was ordered by the City Council on Wednesday, 12 February 2014 So why is the term ” public consultation ” put question mark ? ZDiT ignored virtually all the principles of public consultation, as set out in Resolution No. LXIV/1357/13 Łódź City Council of 12 June 2013. Spunk Foundation for Innovative Education , the Association Topografie , Krytyka Polityczna in Lodz , Lodz Design, INSPRO, Association “Citizens for Citizens “, Lodz Initiative for Friendly Transport, Fabrykancka Association, Sendzimir Foundation,  “Swallow” – Foundation for Civil Society Development, Fundation Subsidum , The Movement for Social Capital, ZHP, Scautts Widzew, Foundation Urban Collective. today we sent a proposal to the President of Lodz for organization of public consultation in line with local laws . It is the first such case in Lodz to several NGOs have requested this form of consultation with the public Lodz!

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