History of the Factory

Łódź first appears in the written record in a 1332 document giving the village of Łodzia. Łódź was not important place since 1815. At the beginning of nineteenth century was planned to prepare town for new function and with the 1816 decree by the Czar a number of German immigrants received territory deeds for them to clear the land and to build factories and housing. One of those immigrants was Anton Ramisch forefather of Franciszek Ramisch. fabryka F.RamischaCotton Factory of Franciszek Ramisch was built at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century. Factory is located on 1.3 hectares area next to Piotrkowska street – main street of Lodz. Architecture of factory is representative for historicism – artistic styles that draw their inspiration from historic buildings. One of the most important symbols of factory is characteristic tower. Under the Polish Communist regime Ramisch family lost their wealth when the authorities nationalized private companies. Nowadays Orange Property Group is going to revitalize the building and use the latest technology to recover the unique charm of centuries-old walls.