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FabrSCENA removed!

Wooden scene (a characteristic element of our “concert hall”) in recent days has been removed. Finally we completed the dismantling of FabrySTREFA – a place for artistic initiatives. Thanks to everyone who helped us and participated in events organized by Fabrykancka. Aloha!

(Polski) Jutro otwarcie wystawy!

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Aloha! 15 tons of sand for goodbye!

FabrySTREFA soon disappear from the cultural map of Lodz after three years of intense activity. Association Fabrykancka invites you to the first farewell festivities, which will consist of an exhibition, concerts, fun at the beach and the sale of souvenirs!   PROGRAM: 26.01 (Th) 19.00 Opening 19.30 auction 20.00 Performance and fun (free) 27.01 (Fr)Read the Rest…

Kosmopolitania meeting number 7

United States of Europe

Do you feel European? Does Mr O’Keeffe in Ireland feel more or less European than Mrs Stylianou in Cyprus? And if so, why? What is the idea behind Europe and do Europeans feel included? Do Europeans trust their leaders? Maybe there are as many different answers on these questions as there are citizens in Europe.Read the Rest…

SILENCE – multimedia installation (comic without words)